Vascular Access

Our Vision:
'Every Patient Receives IV Therapy With One Stick And Zero Complications'

The Science of Vascular Access

The insertion of a vascular access device is an art – we turn the myriad other aspects of a vascular access team, human and non-human, into a science.

Standards Driven

We ensure Policies and Procedures are compliant with relevant Standards, from the Joint Commission to the CDC.  

Best Practices

Our team not only adheres to best practices – we design them!  Our two Past Presidents of the Association of Vascular Access speak locally, nationally, and internationally on a wide range of vascular access topics, informing the next generation of Vascular Access Specialists.  

Hospital Wide Impact

70-90% of hospitalized patients will receive an IV during their stay, and 97% of the life of a vascular access device is managed by unit-level RN staff.  We identify where targeted improvements can have the biggest impact on outcomes, regardless of location or practice level.  

Data Informed

Our proprietary cloud-based system collects and analyzes data across the patient care spectrum, giving you an enterprise view of the impact of your vascular access program.  We start with outcomes and work backwards towards the critical daily behaviors that will improve them at your organization, with your patients, and with your medical and nursing teams.