Vascular Access

On-Site and On-Demand

Our team of 30+ vascular access clinicians will be at the bedside in less than 4 hours, bringing the tools and expertise to handle any vascular access situation.

Inpatient or Outpatient

We see patients anywhere – Hospitals, Skilled Nursing, Assisted Living, Clinics/Provider Offices, and Home Care.

Faster Discharges

Hospitals find delaying discharges while waiting for PICC or other vascular access devices to be ruinously expensive. Our on-demand model meshes with your existing program – we can cover any combination of days, nights, weekends, holidays, vacations or just daily overflow. Call every day or once per year. We are here to help when you need us!

Industry-Leading Best Practices for Care

Our team adheres to industry best practices for inserting catheters and preventing infection as described by the CDC, Infusion Nurses Society and Association of Vascular Access.

Watch the video below to see how Dr. LeDonne has used ECG guidance to confirm central line tip location in clinical practice.