VAT: Consent for Midline

INS defines a Midline as “a catheter inserted into the upper arm via the basilic, cephalic, or brachial vein, with the internal tip located level at or near the level of the axilla and distal to the shoulder.”   Here at Chesapeake Mobile, consent is required for midlines.  Therefore, if the tip of your catheter, regardless of device, terminates at the axilla, consent is required. For charting purposes, ALL MST midlines are to be charted as Midlines, and both PowerGlide and AccuCath are to be charted as Extended Dwell Catheters. Of course, this is arbitrary, as so much of what we do tends

VAT Visit Process

Morning all – Here is the P&P for conducting a vascular access visit: 7.100 VAT Visit Process You can access all of our P&P documents anytime at or in the mobile app under the Resources tab. Kris

Informed Consent Policy

This one seems to have generated some interest! The link found in 7.100 VAT Visit Process is now live, or you can go directly to 3.200 Informed Consent. Please take a look – any feedback would be appreciated. Kris

VAT: New P&P’s Posted

Just posted in the VAT Library which can be found on or in the app: 7.120 VAD Assessment, Care and Dressing Change 7.130 VAD Removal 7.200 Short Peripheral Catheters Please take a look at your convenience and let us know what you think. Thanks, Kris